Top 10 Geometric Mosaics That Never Fail to Impress

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Geometric art is a unique form of art — fit for anyone with exquisite and eccentric tastes. The harmonious symmetry of lines in geometric mosaics is always pleasing to the eye, making them compatible with all design styles.

Mozaico has had the pleasure of seeing many of our custom mosaics installed over the years, and we have to say that our geometric mosaic designs work well in any part of the home. They’re also a perfect complement to exterior spaces, used in swimming pools, on garden walls, and more.

To introduce you to the range of looks that geometric mosaic tile art can take on, we thought that we’d check in with our design team to see what our most popular pieces are. We’ll also give you some inspiration with fresh, innovative uses of custom mosaics. These real-life installations showcase how versatile geometric art can be. As you’ll see, there’s no limit to the colors used, the surfaces they can cover, or the conditions they reside in.

Varinad — Geometric Rug Mosaic by Mozaico

The rectangular rug style of this marble mosaic art works on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Our stunning hand-cut Varinad mosaic tile will make a splash in your kitchen or bath. Featuring a decorative taupe, burgundy, gold, and black pattern on a beige background, it blends perfectly with popular marble and quartz counters and floors.

Varinad — Geometric Rug Mosaic by Mozaico

Our stylish Hadi botanical mosaic panel showcases multi-colored palmettes and blossoms in an elaborate design. With the warmth of golden tones, it’s perfect for a focal point in any room. We recommend using this square mosaic design to brighten your kitchen backsplash or as a centerpiece to a marble floor.

Hadi — Geometric Botanical Mosaic by Mozaico

This freshly installed mosaic backsplash is a great example of how these eye-catching geometric art designs work so well over stoves and sinks. The popularity of subway tiles for backsplashes makes this an easy pairing.

Hadi — Geometric Botanical Mosaic by Mozaico
Milicent — Botanical Mosaic Art by Mozaico

Mozaico’s Millicent botanical mosaic art pattern is a stunner — and we’re not surprised that it’s one of our most popular designs. This striking design features a botanical motif that incorporates gold, red, and ivory against a black background, surrounded by a colorful guilloche chain. It’s so versatile, and can create a fantastic framed artwork or stone tile backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom. The warm colors of this marble mosaic art complements many decors.

Selma — Geometric Arabesque Rug by Mozaico

If you think that the Selma Arabesque marble rug mosaic has a timeless quality, you’re not alone! This rectangular design features a stylish Arabesque botanical theme that uses golden brown hues with milky white and black accents on an ivory background. Although it can be used anywhere to brighten the flooring in your home, you can also order it in a large size for a complete mosaic tile floor. Like all our designs, we can customize the size and even the colors of this design to your specifications.

Get a feel for the possibilities with this home’s mosaic tile art installation. The colors pick up those of the existing floor and other marble accents, creating a bespoke look.

Falak — Geometric Mosaic Art by Mozaico

It’s easy to see why this classic Falak round marble mosaic piece is popular! A beautiful kaleidoscope of rich colors, it’s an effortless way to give any space an instant lift. It’s used to perfection when it creates a stunning kitchen backsplash or a focal wall in a master bath. Wherever you decide to install this eye-catching starburst, you’ll treasure it for years to come.

Here’s a lovely example of this design installed. The richness of the colors gives the impression of a stained glass window!

Falak — Geometric Mosaic Art by Mozaico
Majestic Elegance — Mosaic Design by Mozaico

Light and elegant, the serene beauty of our Majestic Elegance marble mosaic medallion will add an uplifting sense of airiness anywhere. This is a highly versatile design that is available in 4 sizes. Imagine it in any surroundings — it’s a truly neutral accent.

Uffizzi — Geometric Mosaic Rug by Mozaico

Our handmade Uffizi style geometric mosaic art has a timeless beauty. Made of all-natural marble, this handmade mosaic has a pleasing look, simple lines, and an interesting touch of texture. Our designers recommend it for use on floors, walls, and especially backsplashes, as shown here.

Uffizzi — Geometric Mosaic Rug by Mozaico

This particular mosaic design is popular for obvious reasons. Rich colors, a compelling use of geometry, and the beauty of natural stone gets our Cala stone tile mural medallion a lot of fans! Featuring a red star at center with golden pillars, the design is a bold mix of colors, utilizing both square and floral accents. This design is gorgeous as a table top — but it can also be ordered in a custom size for use as a wall mural or mosaic tile floor project.

Cala — Geometric Mosaic Design by Mozaico

Rich colors like these also look spectacular in pools, as you can see in this gorgeous locale.

Octavia — Geometric Mosaic Design by Mozaico

Sunny and eye catching, our Octavia Roman art flower mosaic brings blooming color and pattern to any kitchen, bath, or outdoor pool patio. Handmade from natural stone and marble tiles, this floral mosaic showcases a golden-yellow flower center with a Romanesque floral frame to provide a crisp color contrast This beautiful stone mosaic panel can create a colorful kitchen backsplash — the mesh backing makes mounting quick and easy.

These round designs also look spectacular as tabletops, as you can see in this project. Nothing can beat tile for durability under all sorts of indoor and outdoor conditions — making it the ideal choice for entertaining.

Mosaic Design Table Top by Mozaico
Shana — Botanical Geometric Mosaic by Mozaico

Our last featured geometric mosaic art design is rich and complex. Even mosaic artists appreciate the beauty and elegance of our Shana botanical Roman mosaic. Hundreds of hand-cut tiles come together to create a beautiful star and leaf montage, using a rich variety of light and dark grays, browns, and milky white accents on a black background. The loveliness of this piece can’t be contained to one room — consider it for backsplashes, showers, tabletops, framed art, and more!

It’s no exaggeration to say that geometric art is the ideal choice for any tastes — there’s nothing quite like it for creating harmonious looks in any type of interior style. At Mozaico, we can take your search for the perfect geometric mosaic art accent to the next level, by customizing our designs to your choice of color and size. Try one of our Top Ten choices, or find your own perfect piece in our extensive catalog!


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