Popping Colors Are Back in Trend — Mosaic Ideas and More

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Decorations are a great way to embellish your home. However, the most elegant space can fall apart without proper color usage and coordination.

Whether you’ve majored in a design domain or not, it’s always useful to know a few basics about colors.

When designing and decorating your space, choosing the proper color scheme is the primal step towards a beautiful and elegant interior.

What’s a Color Scheme?

A color scheme is the overall mood and aura of your design. It’s the effect created by combining certain colors to form a vibe of your choosing.

There are many color schemes to choose from, it all depends on who you are and on the mood you wish to set. Each color scheme has its own color palette. The most popular schemes (you’ve probably heard of them) are warm, cool, and vivid.

Here are two mosaic tile artworks that will help you visualize the difference between color schemes:

Source: Mozaico

The one on the left displays a combination of cool and light colors, while the one on the right displays a fiery warm tone the left is inviting and loud. The difference is uncanny!

Here’s a room design created using warm colors:

Source: 15 Warm and Cozy Country Inspired Living Room Design Ideas

The primary warm colors are red, yellow, and orange; the natural colors of a sunset. Brown is also included in this category.

Warm colors are the most attractive and eye-catching of all color categories.

They ignite a fire in us and boost our motivational level, which is proven to be true because the colors are those of the sun or a fire. They also provide a cozy and relaxing look.

Fun Fact: warm colors increase metabolism!

When designing your office, living room, or bedroom, a warm color scheme will never fail to please you.

Here’s another room design created using cool colors:

Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

Cool colors consist of white, blue, grey, and light shades of green.

The colors are combined to create a calming effect that will relax your nerves and leave you at ease, which is one of the reasons why hospitals use this color scheme in their interior design; to reduce the nervousness and anxiety of worried patients.

With basic knowledge, any theme can be created when incorporating the right colors!

Here are 4 colorful ideas to help embellish any space of your desires:

A Colorful Rug

Source: A raindrop at your home decor

A rug to a room is like footwear to your outfit.

An outfit is not complete without the proper footwear, and neither is your space. With the right rug choice, even the dullest of rooms can become joyful and exciting.

A rug is highly noticeable, that’s why its color should go along with the rest of your room.

In the case of a monotone white/grey living room (such as the one displayed above), any rug with a popping color would do the trick.


Source: Modern Appartement Design

A plant is a great way to juice up a room design. In association with their vivid green color, they help to reduce anxiety, stress, and blood pressure; they’re the best interior decorations in terms of better health.

Green is correlated with health and calmness. It unleashes a vibe of tranquility that will cheer you up and keep your worries at ease.

Mosaic Art

Source: Mozaico

There is no going wrong with mosaic artworks!

Our mosaic designs are here to add colors to your space, and cheerfulness to your soul. Mosaic art tiles can be shaped into any artwork you want, and there is no end to where you can incorporate them.

You can install mosaics patterns to your walls or staircase, or you can simply hang a framed one on your wall.

Art makes a room feel more balanced and put together. The endless selection of artworks makes it easy to find one that suits your space and personality.

A Vivid Curtain

Source: Blue Curtains

Other than being the keeper of privacy and the tamer of light, a curtain is also one of the most noticeable decorations a room can have; that’s why incorporating a proper color for your curtain is essential in a room design.

When looking at the picture displayed above, we can notice that the dull white floors of the furniture are overlooked and dominated by the colorful curtains and wall art displayed aside.

The colors of this room indicate a cool color scheme, which is why it seems so calm and soothing.

When observing all the rooms above, we can notice that none of the rooms display more than two or three vivid colors; that’s because vivid colors are loud, and when used excessively it becomes annoying.

Having various vivid colors displayed in one room is like having multiple people screaming at the same time.

Knowing when and how to use certain colors can be quite tricky, but when used properly, there is no end to the magical design that could be created!

If any of the marble/glass mosaic artworks displayed above caught your eye, then head to our website for an endless selection of mosaic art.

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