Mozaico’s Views On Sustainable Design

6 min readOct 24, 2022

Mozaico’s views on sustainable design are part of every piece of mosaic art we craft. Our use of natural stone isn’t just a design choice — it’s part of a complete approach to ethical business practices.

Sustainability-focused business is a step up from the standard “Green” or “Eco-Friendly”. It’s a commitment to choosing materials and production standards that will help future generations, while minimizing environmental impacts today.

Mozaico centers our business practices around 3 key Sustainability Pillars. They form the heart of our company — and become a part of each piece of mosaic art that passes through our doors.

Over the past five years, there has been a 71% rise in online searches for sustainable goods globally, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit. Isn’t it good to know that Mozaico has always been a part of the community?

So, how do we ensure that our products will not only enhance your surroundings — but also make you feel great about your purchase? Here are our guiding sustainability concepts.

Recycled Content

Our team spends a lot of time sourcing our environmentally sensitive and recycled materials. We are proud that these efforts allow us to use other businesses’ waste and turn it into art. While seeking out the marble and semiprecious stones we use in our products, we are able to purchase and utilize stone waste and remnants from these suppliers.

Mozaico is proudly committed to upcycling — one of the best manufacturing trends to arise in the 21st century. The practice of upcycling takes recycling to the next level: Using or reusing materials that would otherwise be discarded to create items that are of much higher quality and value than the original. It’s a fantastic way to reduce waste and utilize natural materials fully — and beautifully.

Upcycling the stone discards from manufacturers of items such as countertops, sinks, and backsplashes creates elegance and aesthetic pleasure from scraps and remnants.

As such, our search for beautiful colors leads us to treasures that are ripe for recycling — from out-of-the-way places and small businesses. We’re able to keep their unused supplies and waste out of the landfill — and ensure that each lovely piece of natural stone is transformed into new pieces of mosaic art. Take a close look at our designs, and you’ll see that even the smallest tiles are used in our designs — keeping our own waste to a minimum.

Our commitment to recycling and sustainability extends to our packaging materials — where we do our part to keep waste out of landfills. Our shipping boxes, carton, paper, and bubble wrap can all be recycled and reused after they protect your new mosaic art in transit.

Our workshops do their own part with recycling — down to collecting the plastic scraps leftover from the stone-cutting process. We ensure these barrels of scrap plastic head on their way to our local collection centers for responsible processing.

On a smaller scale — our facilities stay green with their use of solar panels for power — reducing energy usage year-round. Even our online catalog reduces our impact — helping us keep paper catalogs out of the landfill. When you’re buying Mozaico art, you can feel good about your purchase!

Handmade Items

From the beginning, mosaic art has relied on the human touch. And, for thousands of years , that has remained a constant. When you look at a Mozaico piece, you are connected with a craftsman who placed each tesserae by hand.

But, it’s more than just that physical connection that informs our love of mosaic art. We’re continuing a tradition that has evolved and survived since ancient times. Cities disappear, societies fade away — and yet, we still find their mosaic art. Every year brings exciting new discoveries of well-preserved floors and walls from the past.

Our craftsmen and designers are engaged in a process that has changed little over the millennia. We still use hand tools to shape, place, and our tiles. Our artists still challenge themselves to create fresh takes on this art form — whether it be a new interpretation of a Roman villa’s ornate decoration, bespoke, customized creations, or a vibrant abstract design.

Our handmade pieces are meant to be loved forever — with a lifetime guarantee . They won’t become obsolete, require updating, or fall apart. Producing the highest-quality mosaic art, investing in the skills of our employees, and preserving an ancient hand-crafted medium are all practices that Mozaico follows in our commitment to sustainability.

From tabletops to large commercial and outdoor installations , our finely crafted pieces are a tangible link to the history of mosaic — as well as a gift to future generations.

Safe and Fair Labor Practices

Within the sustainability community, there’s also a focus on responsibility to workers. Mozaico strives to be a workplace that promotes the best labor practices at all our locations.

We have more than 60 highly-skilled mosaic artisans in our workshops. These valued employees are the original creators of each piece of handcrafted mosaic art, bringing immaculate precision, innovation, and design to the creation of mosaic , , and — as well as mosaics for baths and .

Just as we encourage our customers to use the correct protective equipment when working on their own mosaic art projects , we are always thinking of our employee safety. We provide our craftsmen with safe working environments, as well as quality tools.

Workplace rules and protocols ensure that our team remains safe, but there’s more. Mozaico is committed to offering fair wages and good working conditions. We like to think that the extra care we show for our employees is evident in each piece of mosaic art you purchase from us.

A Commitment to Quality — and the Earth

Our sustainability practices have always been part of Mozaico’s principles — and it’s something we’re proud of. Rest assured that you’re purchasing the highest-quality mosaic art from a company that cares.

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