Mermaid Design Ideas to Inspire

5 min readFeb 10, 2022


Mermaids! From Weeki Wachee to Ariel, Sirens to Selkies: They’re famously compelling and inspirational. If you need any proof beyond legend and popular culture about the way they’ve swum their way into our collective consciousness, just look at your next Starbucks Coffee cup. A mermaid design has graced their logo since the mega-chain opened in 1971.

An informal, scientific (okay, we asked our friends!) poll tells us that we’re all thinking about traveling to beachy locations right now. Likewise, there’s always an uptick in watery, wonderful, and even whimsical mosaic wall art designs. While you’re dreaming of a soak in a seaside lagoon in your bathtub, it’s nice to have a mermaid to keep you company.

Hence, we’re here to help. When you’re ready to add the call of the ocean to your home or pool, consider our Top Five Mermaid Mosaic Designs.

We’ve gathered a group of lovely sirens that will appeal to every age, fit in any environment, and help you Fin-ish your next project. Dive in!

1- A Little Mermaid Makes Any Day Better

Looking for a big impact in a bathroom or pool area? Our Little Mermaid marble mosaic wall art has a frame built into the design — perfect for any area with high humidity and a generally wet environment.

Set into a tile wall, or installed as a standalone piece, this is a versatile design with a soft, shimmering effect. The gentle undine subject is depicted as she contemplates the moon. Every hand-placed tile in this piece helps to convey the ripples of water and the shine of her scaly tail.

Allow this mermaid to guard your bath, and you just might hear a hint of ocean waves — even in the dead of winter!

2- You’re A Star!

Create a little morning inspiration with this friendly oceanic companion! There’s a lot to love about this glass mosaic wall art design- beyond the subtle inspirational message. First — check out the underwater vibes. Placing you under the water with the subject really immerses you in the experience, eh? The sun overhead creates a focal point at the top center — and a design that helps add height to small spaces such as showers.

Secondly, the glass mosaic tiles help boost the glow and enhance lighting just as real water would. Picture this beauty in any room with small windows — or really up the effect by using it as a backsplash on a water feature. Just remember — keep reaching for those stars!

3- Green Goddess

This is one Green Mermaid with some sass and positivity! She’s a natural for kid bathrooms, your personal Altar of Beauty in your master bath, or even kitchen backsplashes in coastal-style homes. Our fabulous siren is no Mere-Maid! Nope, she’s here to remind anyone around to have a little fun and just be themselves. Just imagine her giving you a finger-wag and the advice to “LIGHTEN UP!” when you’re having an off day.

She’s fabulous with her cool color tones and blonde hair — but remember, Mozaico can customize any design to your specifications. If your inner mermaid goddess has pink hair to match that bubbly personality — we can bring her to life with colorful tiles!

4- Ocean Lullabies on Stand-By

Is there anything more relaxing than a hot bath? Highly recommended for helping anyone drift off to sleep, they’re pretty magical, already. Now, you can take your serenity to a higher level. This mosaic wall art is dramatic, detailed, and features a helpful mermaid with her harp at the ready. Let her pick out a few soothing melodies every time you need some time beneath a warm blanket of suds.
On a more practical level, our handmade Ocean Lullabies design checks all the boxes for rugged, durable, and waterproof use in your home or outdoor living area. Mosaic designs are easy to clean, slip-resistant, and can even be created in custom shapes. Our eye-catching musician is a strong visual element for any surface you’d like to highlight.

5- Vacation Time — All the Time

Maybe it’s just a desire for a long-overdue holiday, but this particular Mermaid Scene Mural is a big favorite with our team. It’s a standout among our collection, with its warm tropical colors and sunset hues in the background. Looking on — we just feel warmer, already!

There’s a hint of Polynesian Isles, Hawaiian leis, and a light scent of coconut butter in this composition. As the local fishermen float by, their favorite ocean princess offers a friendly wave. Adding to the interest is a selection of nautical wonders — corals, fish — and the glittering scales of the mermaid’s tail. This handmade mosaic looks great anywhere — but we kind of love the idea of it installed over a bar, with a few Tiki-style touches.

Looking for another tropically-tinged design to grace your home or pool? We have more wonders to explore! Start here to set sail on your quest for the perfect piece of mosaic art!

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