Mayfair Hotel: Mosaic Art’s Land In Florida

Our team at Mozaico is always up for a challenge: Large-scale mosaic art commissions for businesses are a specialty for us. The process of creating one of these pieces is fascinating to watch unfold. This 21ft diameter installation showcases all the hard work our craftsmen and designers put into every item — and how easy it can be to include our designs in your next commercial project.

The final destination for this imposing mosaic display is the Mayfair Hotel in Florida. From the outset, the contractors in charge of the commercial property’s construction knew just what was needed for the luxury accommodations: A design that provided compelling views, a sense of dimension, and even the opportunity for some great photos for guests.

This mosaic medallion fit the bill. Our team was involved from the beginning on this project: Helping the architectural firm choose the best design for their needs, working carefully to ensure perfect color matches, calculating the precise dimensions, and providing them with a detailed rendering before we ever started production.

There are a surprising number of colors involved in any Mozaico design. Here, you can see a section that highlights the green shades. The process of finding these exact shades was multifaceted and involved close coordination with the architects. Our team had to go through a number of international suppliers to source just the right stones for this massive piece. It was essential that the colors match exactly — and that they all worked together to create a perfect blend of shades, tones, and texture. In addition, only the highest quality stone would be used. After testing a number of samples and colors, our designers finally found the perfect selections — this wonderful range of green and neutral marbles.

The richness of the lighter areas is defined with a whole palette of creamy colors. Our team was in close contact with the contractors as they decided on a final design. This particular piece was all about the feeling of movement. As such, the layout of the tiles was just as important as the harmonious blend of colors.

As you can see in this close-up image, sections that seem to be a solid color, require many shades of marble. Those exact color variations are critical to the overall look of the completed piece — and the reason our team worked so diligently at sourcing the right colors and quality of stone for this piece.

Every design is mapped out to the finest details, before tile placement begins. Rather than just gluing on tiles in any order, our artists follow very specific lines. These create the movement and definition of each piece of mosaic art. For large commercial installations, this flow of tiles is so important. It also helps define important features like corporate logos and lettering.

To achieve this unique effect, marble mosaic stones are added one-by-one, using tweezers or fingertips. The results are clearly worth it. (And, if you’re trying to calculate how many individual pieces of marble are used for a design of this size, prepare to be amazed. It’s more than 30,000 tesserae, each cut, selected, and set by hand!).

The sheer magnitude of this mosaic art piece required that our craftsmen literally enter the design as they worked! As the marble mosaic medallion begins to take shape, one can appreciate the way that the subtle shade differences between each tile contribute to the whole. Exacting care and attention to these color variations create depth, shadowing, and dimension to the piece.

To fully capture the complete piece in one photo, we had to lay it out on a football field! This gave us enough space to fit this very large mosaic art into one frame. However, the end result was magnificent. It’s easy to see why mosaic art installations are so popular in large spaces like subway stations, airports, and public areas like parks.

Custom mosaics provide some of our most compelling results. Our team is experienced with the special requirements of commercial installations of mosaic art. We’re able to work with the precision needed for custom colors, exact measurements, and site-specific needs. We can work from sketches or final artwork to create dramatic oversized accents, signs and logos, and commercial installations. Our mosaic artwork goes well beyond the limits of other forms of art. Used on walls, floors, and other surfaces, the possibilities are nearly endless. Mosaic art is ideal for many applications and commercial uses — indoors and outdoors. With durability and beauty, it fits into settings like spas, hotel lobbies, pool areas, public areas, and airports. For signage and logo display, it’s eye-catching and highly functional. Mosaic art can be easily specified for many applications in government buildings, airports, and more.

With an online retail presence since 2003, Mozaico is your trusted source for genuine, handcrafted mosaic art. Our secret is quite simple: regardless of how big or small the piece is, we treat all our stone mosaics with extreme carefulness, making sure to use the original Roman techniques in order to present handmade and authentic art of exceptional quality with a modern twist.

If you’re thinking about a customized piece for your business, please contact us to kick off the process.



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We are creators of mosaic art. Each of our mosaics is handmade from hand cut marble and glass tesserae. We share captivating mosaics, one stone at a time.