Interior Designer Guide to Mosaic Art In Home Interiors

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Mosaic art is a form of art that goes back as far back as the 3rd millennium BC. In addition to its aesthetic purpose, mosaic art never fails to narrate a story and preserve its elements stone by stone. With a little imagination and a few creative changes, an area can be converted from a blank page to a beautiful ensemble of elegance. Here are a few areas to focus on as an interior designer.

During the past few years, more homeowners have been resorting to interior design and the help of professionals in that field to create aesthetic and personal spaces. The industry is booming! That being said, the implementation of the methods of some design schools are endless, and it all depends on the preference of the homeowner. However, some design and decoration elements, like mosaic art, prove to be immortal due to their versatility and timelessness.

Let’s see how interior design can collide beautifully with mosaic artwork.

Mosaic Wall Art by Mozaico

Mosaic Art Home Interiors: How does it work?

With the global direction to modern and minimal interior design, it might be challenging to grasp how a designer can fit a traditional form of art decoration into modern homes. We are going to reveal a long time secret to all the interior designers out there: mosaic art can be whatever you want it to be. From mosaic wall art, to mosaic backsplash, floors, table tops, mosaic pool tiles, and much more. One can paint anything in stone. Mosaic artwork will be the final touch that’ll complete any interior design look.

1. Mosaic Wall Art

Choosing mosaic wall art, whether glass mosaic art or marble mosaic, for interiors is similar to choosing any painting to embellish your walls. It can make or break a room. What you need to keep in mind is choosing a complementary mosaic mural, color and design wise. Our website has quite a few to offer.

Sea View Mosaic by Mozaico

You can use painting, mosaic wallpaper, tile inserts and lots more. Consider the room’s purpose and its furnishings and try to tie in colors and textures of the style that’s already there.

A designer needs to choose wisely.

When buying mosaic wall art, it might be best if you took samples of the wallpaper, paint, fabrics, etc. so that you are certain to select appropriate colors. Every shade creates its own effect, from shades of blue, green, turquoise, reds…even whites and off-whites. You must be careful that your wall art supports the other colors in the room instead of conflicting.

2. Mosaic Backsplash

Exotic Fruits Mosaic Backsplash by Mozaico

Transform your kitchen into a showplace with a gorgeous mosaic backsplash. The mosaic backsplash can be placed above the sink or the stovetop. The right patterns and colors will add flair and functionality. If you have a neutral theme and colors in the kitchen, a mosaic backsplash that creates contrast like the one seen below would be a great choice and vice versa.

3. Mosaic Flooring

Mosaic Artwork isn’t only restricted to walls. As a matter of fact, mosaic rugs are a work of art themselves and they will definitely stand out as mesmerizing centerpieces. Similar to choosing any rug or floor tiling, when choosing a mosaic rug, it needs to be complementary with the colors, style and design of the room.

Floral Mosaic by Mozaico

For instance, if you are going for a Victorian theme, and the furniture of choice is simple and pattern free, the mosaic rugs need to flourish with details.

4. Mosaic Tile Art For Pools

Koi Fish Marble Mosaic by Mozaico

Having a backyard pool is everyone’s dream, hence, a lot of thought goes into designing a pool. Tiling a pool goes beyond the checkered blue tiles we see everywhere, mosaic art will add a luxurious and personal mood to your pools. The chosen main mosaic of the pool should depend on the theme of the backyard. Many mosaic art clients opt for geometric art design or nautical and sea mosaics.

5. Mosaic Table Tops

Mosaic Table Top by Mozaico

A coffee table can often be the statement of a room, more like a centerpiece. And the mosaic designs for the top are endless. An abstract floral pattern would look great to complement a room with warm colors.

6. Mosaic Mirrors

Image Source: Pinterest

We’re all familiar with the amazing difference the right mirror can make in a room’s ambiance. Surely, you’ve walked into someone’s home before and been confronted with a mirror that took your very breath away. These don’t have to be expensive. Start with a good piece of glass … perhaps a large oval piece of smoky glass encircled with a 2-inch wide mosaic border. Choose colors that complement the rest of the room.

Style Your Interiors the Right Way

Using mosaic art work for styling spaces is an excellent way to give your home or office the professional touch without spending a fortune. Friends and visitors often believe that an interior designer was used and that you spent a fortune. In any case, mosaic decorating can be fun, inexpensive and it will definitely boost your home’s appeal and value immensely. Custom mosaics make so much difference when decorating. Plus, it’s just plain fun to see all the fabulous ideas you’ll come up with.


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