Interior Design Trends to Look forward to in 2021

As we bid farewell to 2020, it’s exciting to look forward to the wonders of the design world and the trends that will govern our interior styling in 2021. If you’ve been too busy taking care of holiday season chores, fear not — we’ve been keeping up with the trends. Ready to get a new look for the new year? Read on for inspiration, and find out which of our mosaic designs will help you polish up your home decor with a fresh new accent.

Vivid Blues are in the News

Image source: LivingEtc

Just like the cheerful nautical color scheme above, deeply saturated blues are going strong for interior designers. Don’t shy away from using this soothing color in a mix of hues. Although it looks fantastic with crisp whites, there are plenty of bold accent colors that you can experiment with in your home.

Consider punching up a room with pillows, lamps, or other accessories in colors like bright yellow or orange. These touches will look updated and help you select other items such as rugs or wall art.

Going bold with colors and contrasts is also an upcoming mosaics trend that will surely dazzle. Contrary to 2020’s mosaic art trends, the coming year is all about eclectic color combinations that also speak volumes of luxury. Pastel hues and calm tones will be the base of designs and not the entirety of your palette.

A perfect example of how these contrasting colors work so well together is our glass mosaic Sunset wall art.

Sunset Glass Mosaic Art by Mozaico

Natural Splendor in any Room

Image Source: Maison Valentina

Still going strong is using natural elements in home decor. If you’ve noticed your Instagram feed filling up with gorgeous houseplants, macrame hangers, and all sorts of rustic ideas, it’s not your imagination. Although the extravagant living wall behind the dressing table in this photo might be too much for your brown thumb, it’s a great look.

Image Source: Pinterest

If you’re updating your interiors, start small with accents that bring on the natural textures of wood, stone, and fibers. And don’t panic about your slowly growing plant collection! You can still get the feel of lush greenery, no matter how many windows you have. Try a handmade mosaic art design that will transport you right into the rain-forest.

Natural mosaic designs have never been off the charts when it comes to mosaic trends. They are always a constant that combines the earthy elements, natural marble mosaic scenery, and floral mosaic prints to reflect the true natural essence of mosaics. Natural mosaics reflect any season of your choice like Autumn and Winter mosaic art for instance.

This Green Tree mosaic wall art brings all the wonder of luxuriant leaves and branches to any wall, while offering the richly textured look of mosaic tile.

Green Tree Mosaic Wall Art by Mozaico

Bar None Entertainment Areas

Image Source: BHG

After hunkering down for most of 2020, homeowners had a lot of time to rethink how they relaxed at home — and to plan ahead for the entertaining season in the next year. It’s no wonder that the interest in creating fun and functional home bars increased.

Subway tiles, eclectic lighting, and open shelving, and simple touches make this home entertainment area a welcoming spot. Perfect for relaxing or even the occasional work area, this space is easy to care for and versatile.

Image Source: Pinterest

Another option for upping your home entertainment offerings is using unused spaces. As we’ve all carved out room for home offices or school desks in our homes, we’ve learned to look at our homes differently. Here, a pantry is repurposed as an addition to the open floor plan kitchen.

Subway tiles in mosaics have been on the rise since last year. And the expectation is the same for this time around. They simply add a touch of luxury and minimalism. Also, they are there to last, so durability is still worth the investment within the interior design trends in 2021.

Diente de Leon Petal Mosaic by Mozaico

Why not set off your bar area with a unique accent piece, such as a custom mosaic tile sign? We can personalize one for you in your choice of colors, and work from your own design!

Porta Via Custom Mosaic Logo by Mozaico

Modern Face-Off

This bold look is peeking out of all types of design magazines. Graphic face art can be seen on everything from wallpaper to pottery. It runs the range from whimsical to sophisticated, and can work surprisingly well with all types of interiors.

Below, the black and white palette looks quite upscale, especially when paired with a gold-leafed bathroom mirror and sleek fixtures. In a relatively small room, the swirling shapes of the design keeps the eye moving and works to visually enlarge the space.

Image source: LivingEtc

Or, use a smaller piece of framed art that boldly centers the room and provides a focal point. In this carefully curated display, the simplified portrait is the most important item. The end result is chic and modern.

Image Source: Dezeen

Modernity is not new to our mosaic world. Despite the traditional sense of the art, at Mozaico we pride ourselves into bringing back this traditional form of art into the modern world. That sense of freshness has been always maintained and loved by our clients throughout the years through contemporary and abstract mosaics.

Pull together more than one of the outstanding 2021 design trends with this exquisite piece of handmade mosaic art. Our Listening to Music marble mosaic is a beautiful blend of colors and composition. We can picture it anywhere in your home.

Listening to Music Mosaic Art by Mozaico

Get Ready for the 2021 Color(s) of the Year

Pantone selected not one, but two colors for 2021. Say hello to grey and yellow, the new choices from the trend-setting color company.

Image Source: Pantone

Paired with any variety of accent colors, this neutral grey is incredibly versatile. It’s perfect for literally any room in your home. In this dining room, it’s combined with the natural and rustic textures and materials we mentioned above.

Image Source: Insider

It also works with bold “highlighter” hues, where it sets off these offbeat color accents with aplomb. The library shown below uses the grey bookcase to ground the lively use of patterns and brights — including the other Pantone 2021 color of the year: a bright yellow.

Image source: LivingEtc

Bring in this trendy combo in one amazing piece of art that will work on a tabletop or any wall. This Sun Mosaic Rondure illustrates how well these colors can work together.

Sun Mosaic Rondure by Mozaico

Don’t forget to check out our huge online mosaic designs catalog for more inspiration and ideas on how you can embrace these fresh design trends! You’ll be heading off into 2021 in great style!


Originally published at on December 17, 2020.




We are creators of mosaic art. Each of our mosaics is handmade from hand cut marble and glass tesserae. We share captivating mosaics, one stone at a time.

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We are creators of mosaic art. Each of our mosaics is handmade from hand cut marble and glass tesserae. We share captivating mosaics, one stone at a time.

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