Color Predictions and Mosaic Inspiration for 2022

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Getting ahead of the 2022 interior design trends doesn’t have to rely on guesswork! Looking at the new colors major paint brands are rolling out, as well as what’s been selling well in 2021 can give big insights. On the other hand — who has the extra time to do all the research?

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Well, readers — we do! Read on to get a feel for what’s going to feel new, fresh, and uplifting in your home in 2022. And — if you’re looking for ideas on what mosaic art will help you focus your room’s design direction — we’ll have great mosaic design selections, too.

Very Peri

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Could we leave out Pantone’s newest Color of the Year? Of course not! We have to say, this one is fantastic. “Very Peri” is a blended blue hue with violet-red undertones — created to be the “happiest and warmest of all the blue hues”, per the global color authority.

Shown above on a wall, this dynamic color is also perfect as a pop of color in any room. Work it in with other cool shades in the blue family, mix it with mauves or deep purples, or let it stand out against neutrals.

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It’s powerful, isn’t it? Each of these mosaic designs we’ve selected incorporates this uplifting shade. We love the idea of adding them to modern bathrooms with gray tiles or utilizing them as a piece of mosaic wall art.

Summertime, All the Time

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Dulux Paints rounded up a whole palette full of colors that look — well, just like summer! These shades are a softened version of primary shades, with a happy feel. Can you really imagine having a bad day in a room like the one above?

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Here’s the great thing about this color scheme: It’s easy to use colors you’re already featuring in your home. It’s an updated mix — but doesn’t stray too far from the looks you already love. With the simple change of wall paint, some new accents, and thoughtful consideration of your current interior, you can shift your life into instant vacation mode.

These colors are fantastic for kitchens — think of how one of these mosaic designs would look like as a new backsplash or counter enhancement.

Pinks and Greens Like You’ve Never Seen

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Don’t worry — these new combinations aren’t the fussy versions of the 1980s! Think: deeper, richer, bluer greens — with some terracotta tones creeping into the pinks. This pairing may seem a little shocking now — but trust us, it’s going to be more and more popular.

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If you’re imagining this combo in a sunroom, with lots of plants, or even outside, where it’s a sensational color direction to work with poolside — we agree! Think about a marble mosaic design like one of our choices here. The great thing about mosaic art is that it’s durable and resistant to the elements. From tabletops to walls, they’re ready for whatever outdoor life throws at them!

Nurturing Naturals

Benjamin Moore has also made their predictions for 2022 — creating a paint color palette that’s soothing — but never blah. These are the colors you’d see in herbs and stones — rock walls and seashells.

Mix these up, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly they can update your decor — letting greens pop against black, mixing soft yellows and reds, even encouraging you to pick up some of the sage greens on a couch or in your wall art.

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Consider updating a shower or fireplace with one of these glass or marble mosaic designs — they’ll create a bold focal point that echoes this natural palette.

Adventurous Depths

Deep, dark hues are definitely trending upwards for 2022. These colors have a lot of impact- perfect for those of us who want something juicier in our interior design! They’re also versatile — allowing you to play around with vintage looks from the 70s, go boldly forward with wildly contrasting color accents, or simply draw from a variety of influences for boho splendor.

We love the idea of contrasting brights against these intense colors! Added to a gallery wall, used in a bathroom, or as a one-of-a-kind kitchen backsplash, consider using an eye-catching mosaic design like one of these choices. (Insider tip: Mozaico can customize any design to help you achieve just the right color for your bold look!)

Wintertime is a great time to reassess your home interior style, create changes that will lift your spirits, and have fun selecting new accents.

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