Antoni Gaudí, subject of our The Best Gaudi Mosaics From Around the World article, is famous for more than just his architecture. His devotion to the Modernisme aesthetic also influenced the use of mosaic art on his projects. But, what makes his style recognizable? And does it still influence artists?

His use of the trencadís style of using ceramic fragments of various colors is the first signature element. Re-using materials was part of his philosophy — Gaudí also created glass mosaic art with waste material from local glass factories on at least one building.

Secondly, the irregular shapes of the…

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A garden is the natural capacity of its household; It’s the place where outside anxiety disappears, and our inner tranquility flourishes. Often spicing up your garden with mosaic garden art completes the whole look!

The color green is the most dominant color in an outdoor space — being the color of trees, grass, and plants — and like all the other main colors, it has its own color psychology.

Green is associated with tranquility, happiness, and safety; which explains why being surrounded by nature provokes a soothing and relaxing aura.

Your garden, much like all other parts of your household…

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Decorations are a great way to embellish your home. However, the most elegant space can fall apart without proper color usage and coordination.

Whether you’ve majored in a design domain or not, it’s always useful to know a few basics about colors.

When designing and decorating your space, choosing the proper color scheme is the primal step towards a beautiful and elegant interior.

What’s a Color Scheme?

A color scheme is the overall mood and aura of your design. It’s the effect created by combining certain colors to form a vibe of your choosing.

There are many color schemes to choose from, it all…

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The Roman Empire gave birth to some of the most iconic mosaic art in the history of tile art.

In Roman times, mosaic artworks were commonly used to decorate home floors and walls, and they were considered some of the most prestigious decorations of their time.

Although these decorations were very common back then, one who possesses such valuable ornaments was depicted as both elegant and wealthy.

A vastly large number of names recorded back then were actually belonging to greek artists, indicating that most of the mosaic floor and wall artworks were actually crafted by Greek artists; ones who…

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Your kitchen mosaics countertop is the most important and noticeable part of your kitchen, making it its core and heart.

That’s why here at Mozaico, we’ve managed to create elegant and aesthetic mosaics to embellish your kitchen the way it deserves.

Here are some of your artist’s best kitchen mosaic artworks!

#1 — Wave Sunset With Mosaic Hues

Symbolism through stone art.

Making fine mosaic art with more than 18 years of experience and 6000 mosaic designs available worldwide has been quiet a journey. Our passion for mosaic art was born in Beirut, Lebanon and Chicago, Illinois through a first-of-its-kind e-commerce business. We transform any design into a custom mosaic that can be cherished for a lifetime to come.

Sometimes when ideas and reality are stripped from the physical and external entity, they mean so much more to the viewer than their realistic selves. …

Installed Pool Mosaic Tile Art — Source: Mozaico

In case you’ve ever wondered about the diversity of the pool surfaces you see everywhere, we’re here to tell you that many different options, especially mosaic tile art, come to place when coming to a decision about what to surface a pool.

It’s mainly done with either of these three materials: plaster, aggregates, or pool mosaic tile art.

Plaster is the least durable, and fixing a deformed segment will be costly and time-consuming, considering a fixed segment requires the replacement of a whole piece of plaster, rather than replaced the deformed segment itself. …

It is always amazing how a small piece of art can change the whole space! Your kitchen looks stunning!

Unmatched ancient uniqueness.

Source: Edie Howson Studio

Hisham’s palace, also known as Khirbat Al-Mafjar, is one fascinating archeological home to some of the most prestigious and breathtaking mosaics in the world.

This palace returns to the 8th century, back to the Umayyad times. It was named after Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik, the 10th Umayyad caliph, who ruled from 724 until his death in 743.

This palace consists of many parts, such as a bathroom complex, an audience hall, a pool, a mosque, two main gates, a fountain, and the palace itself. It wasn’t the main home of the caliph, it was rather his own winter resort.


For mosaic art enthusiasts, this is already an outstanding year for mosaic discoveries. Our favorite art medium is still generating surprises, as with the latest archaeological finds in Turkey.

As you’ve discovered in previous articles, this region is home to some of the most significant and plentiful mosaic art examples from history. (We rank the Zeuman Mosaic Art Museum in Gaziantep as a Top Vacation Destination!)

These latest announcements are big ones — one adding new layers of meaning to Bronze Age mosaic styles, and the other causing jaws to drop with sheer beauty. Here’s what you need to know.

Record-Setting Mosaic Finds from Anatolia


We are creators of mosaic art. Each of our mosaics is handmade from hand cut marble and glass tesserae. We share captivating mosaics, one stone at a time.

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