Antoni Gaudí, subject of our The Best Gaudi Mosaics From Around the World article, is famous for more than just his architecture. His devotion to the Modernisme aesthetic also influenced the use of mosaic art on his projects. But, what makes his style recognizable? And does it still influence artists?

His use of the trencadís style of using ceramic fragments of various colors is the first signature element. Re-using materials was part of his philosophy — Gaudí also created glass mosaic art with waste material from local glass factories on at least one building.

Secondly, the irregular shapes of the…

For mosaic art enthusiasts, this is already an outstanding year for mosaic discoveries. Our favorite art medium is still generating surprises, as with the latest archaeological finds in Turkey.

As you’ve discovered in previous articles, this region is home to some of the most significant and plentiful mosaic art examples from history. (We rank the Zeuman Mosaic Art Museum in Gaziantep as a Top Vacation Destination!)

These latest announcements are big ones — one adding new layers of meaning to Bronze Age mosaic styles, and the other causing jaws to drop with sheer beauty. Here’s what you need to know.

Record-Setting Mosaic Finds from Anatolia

As always, our clients request the most magnificent custom mosaics that always leave our artists in awe. Our Battle of Bosworth Custom Mosaic Reproduction measures 15 square meter. It required 2 months to be completed by our artists!

However, this mosaic artwork is more than just a mural. Within each mosaic stone, there’s a story of a soldier and the suffering of those who lost and the joy of the victorious.

Find the video of this mosaic artwork below!

Source: NEGYPT-Egypt parades 22 royal mummies through Cairo in ‘unique global event.

Humankind has faced many cultural shifts throughout its lifetime, but if there is one culture that stood out from the crowds, the Egyptian times triumph with glory.

From the great kings and queens, so-called pharaohs, to the mystical creatures that myths behold, ancient Egypt’s culture is filled with many interesting stories and rules that affected and paved way for many cultures later on.

One of the many words that come to mind when speaking of this phenomenal era is the word “Mummy”. It means the physical remains of the pharaohs that live to dazzle us with their glory. Ancient Egyptians…


It doesn’t matter if you are living in a small apartment or a private duplex, empty walls demand to be filled with aesthetics that reflect your personality. With so many decor options available, decorating finding wall art ideas can become a difficult project. Trust our designers, decorating a blank wall is going to be rejuvenating. It will add liveliness to the space like never before, especially with our top 10 unique wall art ideas for 2021.

We got you covered with this simple list. Let’s delve right into it!

1. Always a Classic: A Collection of Small Frames

Frames are no strangers to walls. Almost everywhere you go, in…

Since the beginning of time, the tools we have been using to express our creativity are continuously evolving. Different types of paint have been explored to create different textures and masterpieces. Same goes for mosaic art and the different types of marble mosaic stones used to create a mosaic artwork.

Our artists will take you on a journey through the different marble mosaic stones that you can use to make a mosaic.

What are Mosaic Stones, Mosaic Tesserae and Mosaic Tiles?

They are all different names for the same thing: the small, usually cubed tiles used to create a mosaic. Simply, a mosaic artist or enthusiast would line up…

Are pools going to open anytime soon? Will summer exist this year? Nothing is guaranteed with COVID! Surely, we can enjoy our summer on our own terms. And improving your private pools is the way to go. A lot can be done to make summer more luxurious especially if you pay extra attention to tiles like pool mosaics.

It can be a hassle to choose a unique pool mosaic to add to your pool with all the options in our catalog. That’s why we selected the top 10 pool mosaics to transform your summer.

1. Nautical Mosaic Pool Medallion

Nautical Mosaic Pool Medallion by Mozaico

A clash between patterns and marine…

What goes into the creation of our mosaics? We’ve had so much interest in the actual process of creating our handmade mosaic pieces, we’re devoting this article to it!

Putting together mortar, skill, and tiles is fascinating to see — especially when skilled artists like ours are on the job. Our intricate mosaics can incorporate thousands tesserae, an array of subtle colors, and various techniques.

Ready for a flight of fancy? This year’s rich and exciting decor trends include many natural elements. They include plant and animal-themed art. Bird mosaics from our collection are an appealing way to refresh your interiors with vibrant art.

As always, handmade mosaic tile art is perfect for capturing the life and movement of our feathered friends. That’s why we’ve selected some of our favorite pieces of mosaic artwork. Surely, you’ll find a design that fits beautifully with your lifestyle.

Peacock Mosaics

Nike Greek Goddess Mosaic Art

In the past, mythology helped ancient cultures make sense of the world and celebrate life. Today, we feel the emotions expressed in depictions of their gods and their stories. Surviving mosaic art of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and other legendary deities often come from places of great wealth. It’s easy to imagine a rich villa owner in Pompeii requesting only the best artists for his mosaics.

As we’re drawn to the classical qualities of ancient mythology in art, it’s a popular choice for decorating our homes. These subjects work well anywhere and add a compelling accent to any space. Always, consider…


We are creators of mosaic art. Each of our mosaics is handmade from hand cut marble and glass tesserae. We share captivating mosaics, one stone at a time.

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